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Booking In Information For Leavers

My Dear Leavers

You just want Brexit!

So we have decided to give you a WTO terms Brexit today.
The first company in the UK to do this.

Remainers will of course see no difference in our services.

But for all you leavers there will be a WTO 28% tariff on all work on your bicycle. Of course all bills can be paid for in Euros.
Also FYI your bicycle will only be worked when we have completed all the remoaners's bicycles.

We at Micycle want you to be happy and to own your Brexit, as soon as possible.

When checking your bike in, please bring in your blue passport (incidentally printed by a French / Dutch company with ink from Italy) sadly the British company who lost the contract had to lay off many workers, but you knew there would be job losses, so all good there.

This is to ensure that only true Brexitiers get this very special offer.

We would not want one of those pesky remoaners getting something they have done little to deserve.

Also we would like to remind you that there are plenty of bicycle shops in Europe that might be able to work on your bicycles more quickly and quite possibly cheaper.

Long Live The EU.